The Shrifter™

The Shrifter™ is the hottest performance invention of the new millenium! Turn your electronic automatic transmission into a paddle shifted manumatic! The Shrifter™ is a patent pending design that provides ultra quick up and downshifts without removing your hands from the steering wheel. The Shrifter™ will change gears in milliseconds–Faster than any mechanical manual or automatic floor shifter. And you can switch on the fly between manual and automatic modes.

Twist Machine’s proprietary electronics are “plug & play” compatible with leading aftermarket transmission controllers from TCI, Powertrain Control Solutions, Bowler, Baumann Engineering and Compushift. Click HERE for links for transmission controller websites.

So the Shrifter™ is easy to install. It’s also safe. Unlike the reverse engineered imitator, our paddle shifter bypasses the arm on the side of the transmission. It speaks directly to the shift solenoids that control the forward gears, so accidental reverse/neutral shifts are completely impossible. With the Shrifter™, power shifting your automatic has never been easier or more exciting! Of course, since the Shrifter™ only controls the forward gears, a separate mechanical floor or column shifter is required for “Park/Reverse/Neutral/Drive”–the same method is employed by ALL factory manumatics for safety reasons.

The Shrifter™ accepts popular aftermarket steering wheels and fits a wide range of factory and aftermarket non-airbag steering columns without modification. It does NOT work with airbag steering wheels and should never be used in street driven vehicles that came equipped with airbags from the factory. Combined with a modern electronic transmission and controller, the Shrifter™ adds performance and style to your hot rod.