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We would like to welcome you at our new location:
Marconisstraat 30      6372 PN Landgraaf

Welcome to Henri's Power Transmission

We are a company specialised in repair and rebuilding automatic transmissions. Wheter it’s old or new, thanks to our state of the art Diagnose equiptment and years of experience, no job is to big for us.

With modern cars, its of outer most importance to do a correct diagnose, before even touching the automatic transmission. When a diagnose is performed right, one can determine if the problem is electrical or mechanical.

A proper diagnose can save you from an unnecessary rebuild. At Henri’s Power Transmission we work with the most up to date equipment to save you money!

What can we do for you?

Besides the specialty in repair and rebuilds of automatic transmission, we can also help you with:

• Diagnose and cost calculation
• Pickup/delivery from transmission or complete car in whole Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria.
• Exchange and installation service
• Parts sale
• Unique Transmission maintenance with our RTI ATX2 Machine
• Transmission Software tuning for a wide variety of Cars
• Installation and selling point for Standalone Transmission Control systems

We are member of ATSG "Automatic Transmission Service Group" & V.N.T.S.