Supercharged Hummer with HPT Transmission

The movie above proofs yet again, the sky is the limit. In order to handle the 500BHP of this beast, the original transmission had to make room for our own High performance 4L85E and is controlled with our Compushift controller. Everything is made, installed and tested at our shop. Only by keeping everything under our supervision we can guarantee our high quality..

RTI Flush

Service on top level with RTI Flush.

 Maintenance was never this effective. With our special fluid exchanger we are able to ensure you of a 99% exchange rate, increasing the life span drastically. You automatic transmission never got a treatment this great.


This video shows our paddle shift sytem in action

 Come back soon to see a video of our own Camaro ’68 with a 2002 transmission with paddle shifting.

Nissan 200SX from 1999 with automatic transmission

This Nissan 200SX puts out 388BHP on the Dyno

This transmission only can hold the abuse cause its been heavily modified to withstand power ratings of 500BHP.

Nissan 200SX  of 1999

Nissan 200SX of 1999 with automatic transmission

Nisan 200SX on the dyno with our  specially build transmission.